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Messy Play Day

To register for Messy Play Day please send an email to office@cswsplay.org.

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Hands on Fun!

This is how it all started in 1999!

Messy Play Day is designed for children age 18 months to 3 years old and their parent or caregiver. The purpose of Messy Play Day is to allow the child to have sensory (hands-on) experiences that are so vital to a toddler's development and the opportunity to do it in the company of other children. It is also a good opportunity for parents and caregivers to connect. Our hope is that you will find a friend here as well as your child! The environment is hands-on and play based which means there is lots of fun stuff to squish, squeeze, touch, smear and smell. And for those who prefer the dry stuff there are books to read, puzzles to take apart, blocks to build with and a super toddler size play kitchen. And the child gets to decide where they go and what they touch! It's perfectly OK for them to sit with the play dough for 10 minutes. It's OK for them to always start out at the train table. When they are ready they will do something else. You are more than welcome to build with the blocks if that is what YOU want to do!!! At the end of each class there is a short group activity like a song, movement or story, and we strongly encourage the grown-ups to join in too! Most toddlers usually just like to watch. Another aspect of this class is parent education. Articles and handouts that have been particularly useful to us in our approach with young children, at work and at home, are made available at each class and cover a variety of subjects. We want to be here as a resource for any parenting or education related questions you might have. We have lots of information we would love to share with you, so feel free to ask. Our approach is based on what is called DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICE (DAP).

Child Development 18 months to 3 years

This means that from the child's perspective, where they are developmentally, is what is best for them at that moment and is what we cater to. This may look very different from what a parent expects or thinks a child should be doing. For example sharing is not language we use at this age because it is a concept that they are not capable of grasping. Toddlers need concrete examples and options. So we introduce words such as trading and taking turns. Mostly this is the age to re-direct. Knowing what a child is capable of developmentally helps ease much of the parenting worries most people face. If you know that two year olds assume ownership of everything they see, touch and taste then you make plans to accommodate that. When you know a young child’s body can not sit still you provide activities that allow for lots of movement. When you know that the first response is to put everything to the mouth you make sure everything is safe to do so. That's what we're for, to help ease your mind, to provide you with information about development and to allow your children to be who they are in the moment so we can all HAVE FUN!!!!

A few guidelines for sanity's sake!!!

    • Toys and materials on the carpet stay in the carpet area.
      When your child wanders over to the hard floor area with a toy, don’t panic. When they get involved in an activity in that area you can just put the toy back.
    • Materials and supplies from the hard floor stay in that area.
      When your child wanders over to the carpet area with an item from the hard floor area, don’t panic. When they get involved in an activity in that area you can just put the item back. If they have paint or goopy hands PLEASE make sure they or you wash their hands before returning to the carpet area. Clothes are provided.
    • It's OK for your child to be upset. They have a right to their feelings too!!!
      Punishment of ANY KIND is NOT appropriate here. Please DO NOT put your child in time out or threaten them. This is a safe, child friendly environment that expects all people to be treated respectfully. If you need help with appropriate discipline techniques just ask, we can help you with that.
    • If you and your child have had enough for the day It's OK to leave. Some days are just like that!
    • Food is not allowed in the class.
      Please give your child a snack before class starts. Our school is PEANUT FREE so please don't bring in anything with peanut ingredients.

And don't forget, come dressed for the mess!!!

To register for Messy Play Day please send an email to office@cswsplay.org.

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